Posted by: guelphdirect | November 7, 2008

On-Line Advertising

Here we are in the 21st century, and there are still people that only use newspapers to adsvertise.  Is it the right way to market your business?  Can you see what your ROI is?  Why would anybody spend all of their advertising dollars on something they can’t tell is getting them the results that they want?  If i’m not looking for a new car (and with the North American sales stats, not many of us are) then why would I look at a newspaper ad for a car dealer?  Just because I see the ad doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy a new car!  These businesses need to transfer some of their advertising dollars over to internet based marketing, where people have already qualified themselves as potential clients just by searching for what they want.  When somebody does a search for something, they either want to find out more information before they buy, or they want to find out where to buy.  It’s time for some of these advertisers to wake up and smell the coffee, and start getting a presence where their customers and potential customers are looking….on-line!  This is where comes in, we will help people find your business, we will help your business get found!

Posted by: guelphdirect | October 20, 2008

Word of Mouth?

Have you ever been to a business or used a service that said they only use word of mouth advertising to get customers and sales?  This could be opening up a can of worms that may never get closed again.  Word of Mouth advertising (or marketing) can work both ways for a company.  If they are good, it works, if they are bad, it works-but not in a good way.  The new word of mouth can be a very dangerous thing for businesses, especially if they don’t live up to customes expectations of quality.  Statistics show that if a person is satisfied with your product they will tell one person, if they aren’t they tell ten.  With internet based advertising, the word of mouth is generally included with buttons like “e-mail a friend” or “tell us about it” and suddenly the word of mouth can get out of control.  Why not use this to your advantage?  Check out to see how we have done this.

Posted by: guelphdirect | October 9, 2008

Targeting your audience in Businesses

It’s one of the most amazing business ventures that I have ever been a part of.  I did it before when I had some restaurants, but with technology it has gotten better and better.  I’m talking about video screens in local businesses.  What a better way to get an advertising message across to your target market!  You can pick and choose which tv screens you want to be on, when you want a message changed, all with the click of a mouse.  Best of all, like, it is environmentally friendly in the sense that it is available 24/7 with no paper required!  You see all of these other means of advertising and they all say things like “printed on 100% recycled paper” and such, but it is still printed on paper.  Like, Integrated Marketing Solutions uses as little paper as possible, and helps get your message out!

Posted by: guelphdirect | October 8, 2008

OnLine Marketing

It seems that the biggest issue with getting small businesses to start advertising online and creating a web presence with a CityDirect site, is that they don’t want to be the first business to do it.  Why did they get into business for themselves in the first place?  Was it not becasaue they wanted to be the first to do something?  I have over 20 years experience in business (which isn’t a lot in many cases) but I would always try something once when it came to advertising.  It’s like throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it’s cone, if some sticks, it’s good.  Businesses should try as much advertising as they possibly can, and keep going with what works.  You will find that spending 5% of your sales on advertising will create a great business!

Posted by: guelphdirect | September 30, 2008

Paper Based Directories

Is it me, or are ads in the paper based directories getting smaller and smaller, but costing more and more?  It’s unfortunate that so many people now a days think that they absolutely have to be in those books.  There are some industries that it is a great part of the marketing mix, but for others, simply a bold listing would work.  Instead of a company putting all of their marketing eggs in one basket, as the tide shifts from one medium to another, they should be adjusting the percentages of their budget.  Proctor and Gamble increased their on-line advertising budget to 20%!  Other businesses should be thinking about the same thing.  Get found online where people are looking for you.

Posted by: guelphdirect | September 25, 2008

Road Signs for Advertising

Why is it that businesses nowadays seem to think that road signs are a useful marketing tool?  Unless you are driving right by the business and happen by chance to notice the sign, it serves no purpose.  Do they think that a person with no form of transportation who lives 1 mile away from the business are actually going to notice it?  All the big, neon road signs do is clutter up the side of the road!